My account has been disabled, what do I do now?

If your account has been disabled, you’ll see this notification when you try to log in. (A closed, suspended, and disabled account are the same thing.) There are three possible reasons your account is disabled:

  • You chose to close your account, and did this from your dashboard or asked us to do so.
  • Someone else with your login details chose to disable or close your account. For instance, another staff member in

    your organisation.

  • We disabled or suspended your account because we believe it has been misused. (For example, we have evidence that your organisation has broken our terms of service by making unauthorised copies.)

If we disable your account, we will immediately contact you about it. If you find your account disabled and you don’t know why, contact us straight away. Our team members are ready to help. A disabled account does not lose its credits, publications or licence history. So if we reactivate your account, everything will still be there.

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