Buying a licence

Once you have found the book that you want to print, or copy, you will need to buy a licence so that you can either download the document and print it out, or make a legal copy of a book you already have.

This video shows the process of buying a license, and downloading the PDF. To see the exact steps, follow the instructions below.

Step 1: Select the book you wish to print out.

You can do this either by clicking on the “View product” button, or by clicking on the book’s title.


Step 2: Fill in your customer’s name and telephone number.

Paperight requires both your customer’s full name and telephone number.


We do this for a number of reasons. Firstly, we put this information on every page of the book that you will print out. This way your customer knows that this is their document, and how you can tell who exactly is ordering books from you. It also enables you to get in touch with your customer if your customer leaves your premises before you have delivered them their documents (e.g., because they have ordered a large amount of documents and it will take you a while to process and print them all.)

Lastly, this information can be very valuable for your own marketing strategies. (See the section “How to use Paperight to grow your business” for more information.)

Step 3: Ask your customer how many copies they want.

By default, the product page will be set so that you will order only one copy of a product at a time. If your customer wants more than one copy of their chosen product, input the amount of copies that they would like in the “How many copies do they need?” box, either by typing it in, or by clicking the “+” and “–” arrows on either side of the box.


Please note: a licence fee is charged for every copy of the document that they order.

Step 4: Ask your customer if they want 1 page or 2 pages printed on each side of their sheets.

Many Paperight documents are only available as a print out on A4 with two pages printed on each side – this is called “Two-Up”. There are some documents that are available as one page per side of paper, or “One-Up”. Where this choice is given, One-Up will have a bigger font, but will take up more pages. You can ask your customer which they would prefer. Once the customer has chosen which they would prefer, click the corresponding button. The one you have selected will turn green.


Tip: We recommend that you recommend to your customer that they choose the “Two-Up” option if it’s available, because this uses far less paper and greatly reduces the customer’s printing cost.

Step 5: Put in your printing and service charges.

Once you have selected “One-Up” or “Two-Up”, you must input the amount of money that you are going to charge your customer for printing the document they have chosen, including any binding, colour printing and any other service fees (for example, bandwidth costs). Once you have worked out your total printing and service charges, put it into the “Add your printing/service charges” box.


Your charges, plus any licence fee costs, will be automatically added together in your chosen currency; this is the amount your customer must pay you for the finished document.

Tip: An easy way to figure out how many pages a document will print out onto is to take the amount under “Number of pages” on the product page and divide it by 2 for One-Up printing, or by 4 for Two-Up printing. For example, a product that has 96 pages will print out onto 48 A4 pages when printed One-Up, and 24 pages when printed Two-Up.

Step 6: Click on the “Buy now” button.

Once your customer is happy with their selection of product, the name and phone number to be printed on the document, whether it is to be One-Up or Two-Up, and the price you’re charging them for printing the document, click on the “Buy now” button to finalise their order.


If the purchase was successful, a dialog box will pop up and tell you so.


When you click ‘Okay’, the document will then be automatically prepared for your customer.

Step 7: Have your customer pay for the product.

It is recommended that you ask your customer to pay for the document before you download it to your computer, either by cash, card, or whatever other means you prefer. A document cannot be cancelled or refunded after you have downloaded the prepared document, so having the customer pay for it now guarantees against them ordering a product and not paying for it later once it’s printed.

Cancelling a licence

If for any reason your customer does not want the document they ordered, or if they change their mind about any of the details about it, you can still cancel the licence at any time between clicking the “Buy now” button and downloading the document. To cancel the licence simply click the cancel button next to the download button for that order, before you have downloaded the document.


Step 8: Download the document.

Once the document had been prepared for your customer, a “Download” button will appear next to the ordered document under  “Licences”. To download the document, simply click the “Download” button to open it or save it to your computer.


Once it is finished downloading, the document is ready to print!

Please note: You are allowed to click the “Download” button, and therefore download the prepared document, only once.


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