Finding a publication

There are two ways to find a book on the Paperight website. The first is by browsing, and the second is by searching.


When you, or a customer, is thinking about ordering a book from Paperight, but they are not sure exactly which book they want, you might want to use the browsing method to find a book. This method is also a great way to find out what books there are on Paperight.

In order to browse, simply click the “see more” button on the front page, or click  the “browse” button near the end of the page, and a list of all documents currently available on Paperight will appear.




If your customer knows which book they want to buy, the search function is the fastest way to find it. The search bar is near the top of every page on the Paperight website. It is a very powerful way of finding books by their title or author, their genre or subject matter.



Step 1: Type the title, author name or a keyword into the search bar.

If you wanted to search for The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald, then you would type “the great gatsby” into the search bar.


You can also type the author name “f scott fitzgerald” into the search bar to find The Great Gatsby, or other books by the same author.

If one of the books that you are searching for is on a Paperight catalogue poster, then you can also search for it by typing that book’s short-code on the poster into the search bar, e.g: “01M”.

Step 2: Next, click the “search” button, or push the enter key.


Step 3: Find the book you are looking for on the results page.

Once you have searched for a book, you will see a page that lists the results of your search. These are the results of the search for “the great gatsby”. As you can see The Great Gatsby is at the top of this list, and is followed by other books that have similar sounding titles.


If you’re not sure if one of the documents your result has retrieved is the one you want, simply click “view product” next to that item to find out more about it.


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