Printing a Paperight PDF

Once you have paid for the license, you will be able to download a printable PDF of the book you want to print. Below are some guidelines for printing Paperight PDFs so that you can give your customer the best quality at the most affordable price.

We recommend that you print your Paperight PDF in black and white.

Some Paperight PDFs may have colour covers or colour images and diagrams. Printing these in colour can become very expensive for your customer – you don’t want this! To make sure that you are offering your customer the best service, always check if they want you to print in colour, but recommend that printing in black and white reduces the cost.

We recommend that you print your Paperight PDF on double-sided sheets.

Paperight documents can be very long. It is best to print the document out on double-sided sheets, so that you save paper. If you have one, use a secondary printer to print Paperight PDFs. Paperight PDFs can be big files. Because of this, your printer might take a long time to prepare before it begins to print the document. This could mean a delay for other customers. In order to reduce the interruption of your printing services to the rest of your customers, it is recommended that you use a secondary printer, and not your main printer, to print Paperight PDFs.

If you only have one printer, try to time your printing of big files so that printing a large Paperight PDF won’t interrupt your services to your other customers.

Tip: Your best indicator of whether or not a Paperight document might take longer for your printer to prepare than normal is the PDF’s file size, not the number of pages it has. The bigger the file size, the longer it will take to print.

If you are able to bind the document, offer this to your customers.

Binding the Paperight printout will make it easier for your customer to use. If you have a binding machine, offer this to your customers – but remember to tell them that it costs extra.

Please note: Once you have completed printing your customer’s documents, we recommend that you delete the Paperight PDF from your computer. Should electronic copies of Paperight documents be shared in an unauthorised manner, it would hurt your business as well as ours. Further, as each of the Paperight documents you print out has your customer’s information on it, it is in both your and your customer’s best interests to make sure that that information is not shared. See Paperight terms and conditions for more information.

2 thoughts on “Printing a Paperight PDF

    • Hi Deanne. If you are a copy shop (or act as one, like some NGOs and Internet Cafes), we do not currently charge for downloading printable exam packs. In that sense, they are free at the moment. If you are not a copy shop, then you do need to get your exam packs from a copy shop, in which case you will pay them their usual rates for printing and binding. There are many reasons why Paperight only supplies books and documents to copy shops to print out. Perhaps the most important is that our agreements with publishers (who allow our outlets to print their books out) require that we only work directly with businesses, rather than private individuals.

      We are very keen to help you out where we can, so if you let us know where you are, we’ll put you in touch with your nearest Paperight copy shop, or we’ll try to find and register a new copy shop outlet near to you.

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