The publications on Paperight

Once you’ve signed up and logged in, you are ready to start selling documents and books to your customers. All you need to do now is put up a Paperight poster in your store so that people can see that books are available there. The poster may only show a small selection of the books that you can get on Paperight – there are many more books available on the Paperight website. In this section, we are going to tell you about the kinds of books that you can find on Paperight to sell to your customers. Then, we’ll show you how to find those books each time you make a sale.

Paperight currently offers a wide variety of books and documents, which can be divided into six main genres. These are fiction, non-fiction, matric, textbooks, music, healthcare books, as well as legislation and official reports.

We have explained each of these genres below, to better understand the types of books you will find in them.


The fiction genre is filled with stories. Some are set far in the past, while others are set in the future. There are romantic novels, mystery novels, and there are children’s fairy tales. This is also where you will find English setwork books for school learners and for university students.


The non-fiction genre is where you will find books that are more practical. This is where you’ll look if you are trying to find a book to help you with your business strategy, or that will motivate you to be more successful. It is also where you will find history and philosophy books.


We have collected specific content especially for students who are in matric in South Africa and who will soon need to prepare for their matric exams. You can find a complete selection of exam packs, which contain past papers from the official National Senior Certificate exam that all matric students write each year, as well as textbooks and setwork books for matric students.


Paperight contains a wide range of textbooks for school and university students, but also has books for those who are no longer studying. There are also helpful resources for teachers to use in their lessons, as well as how-to books that anyone can use to learn something new. If you want to learn a new language, how to play chess or guitar, or how to draw, this is the place to look.


Paperight also caters for the musically inclined. The site lists books on music theory, as well as sheet music to some of the most famous classical music pieces.

Healthcare Books

These books are aimed at healthcare professionals, like nurses, and deal with healthcare for mothers, babies, women, children and people living with TB and HIV.

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