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If you are a publisher, rights broker, or author, Paperight lets you sell instant, effortless print- and copy-licences to businesses anywhere – copy shops, schools, colleges, NGOs, churches, and more. They are our outlets, and they buy licences to print out, or copy your books. If they’re printing, they’ll get watermarked PDFs at Their customers pay a licence fee and the outlet’s printing/copying charge. You earn the licence fee, less Paperight’s commission.

Read the legal terms of the Paperight publisher’s agreement here.

How does Paperight help me?

You get more publications to more people, increase much needed access to books, and provide viable legal alternatives to those who copy illegally. Paperight turns any business with any printer into a print-on-demand bookstore, so you reach markets that conventional distribution can’t. And we provide a simple, instant copy-licensing system that fills the gaps created by onerous copying-permissions processes.

  • Generate rights revenue in remote territories with no extra effort.
  • See instantly who is copying your books.
  • Gather data about new markets, spotting interest in your products early and cheaply.
  • Reduce your carbon footprint by cutting out unnecessary shipping.
  • Make free excerpts and supplementary material easily accessible everywhere.

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2 thoughts on “Publisher guide

    • Hi sdiiorio. Good question! We get that one a lot 🙂

      Of course, there is no physical or technical way to stop someone making a photocopy of a book. That applies as much to our print outs as it does to traditional books.

      So, like traditional books, illegal copying is prevented by encouraging trust and honesty. Our outlet agreement (see makes the outlet’s legal obligations clear – so we can suspend any outlet we find infringing. And in all our campaigns, messages and explanations, we aim to educate users about copyright in a friendly way. Every outlet manager we’ve ever spoken to wants to build an honest business. (Many people infringe copyright simply because they don’t know that what they’re doing is illegal.) We also watermark every page of every document with the names of the shop and their customer, and a unique tracking code, too.

      So we work hard to encourage an ecosystem of publishers and copy shops that want to work together to everyone’s benefit.

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