Schools guide

With Paperight, schools can get supplementary study materials quickly and cheaply, while supporting local business.

How does it work?

  1. Choose the resources you need from, or download our PDF catalogue here.
  2. Choose a local printing business from among our outlets.
  3. Place the order with the printer.

Our member printers and copy shops can get the files from Paperight, print and deliver large orders within a couple of days. Small orders can be fulfilled in hours or less.

This is even easier if you just ask our team for help. We’re on call to make it all happen. Email or call +27 (0)21 671 1278.

Watch how Pelikan Park High School worked with Paperight to buy study materials for its students:


Can we print our own books?

Yes you can! Just register on as if you are a printing business. After all, you have a printer, and you’re a kind of business! You might save money by using your own printing facilities. You can even make money selling the books you print to other schools, parents, children or other organisations.

To do a good job, you’ll need at least a good copy-printer, a binding machine (e.g. ring-binding) and a guillotine (to cut A4 pages in half to A5 size as required).

Needy-schools sponsorship programme

We actively find businesses who are willing to sponsor books for needy schools. Schools registered for our needy-school programme are first in line for these sponsorships.

See how Minuteman Press Cape Town sponsored books for Silverstream Secondary School:


To add your school to the programme, mail us at We will then contact you to find out more about your school and whether it qualifies for the programme.

You can find a printable version of this guide here.