Why do Paperight’s price and PayPal’s charge differ?

Question: “I noticed that there was difference between the PayPal Payment of R93.06 and the advertised price of 8 units or R88.15, which resulted in an additional payment of +-R5.00. Why is this?”

The difference is related to the exchange rate. In short, PayPal uses its own currency converter, which gives slightly different results to our currency converter.

Here’s the technical explanation: we link Paperight credits to dollars, so that users anywhere in the world can easily estimate the value of credits in their local currency. Our site then uses a major, up-to-the-minute exchange-rate service to convert dollars to local currency.

However, when we send users to PayPal for payment, PayPal uses their own exchange rate, resulting in a slight difference between our estimation and PayPal’s final charge. Unfortunately PayPal cannot process charges in most local currencies, like rands, or we’d do it that way. We have to ask PayPal to charge you a dollar amount.

As an outlet, you can choose to adjust your final customer price to cover the difference. You can either do this case by case, or add a little to your average pricing defaults in your settings.

It’s probably best to add about $0.5 or R5 to your “Average charge for binding and a colour A4 cover”. The Paperight site always adds that amount into its suggested total customer price.

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