What is Paperight?

Paperight is a website that lets you sell instant, effortless print- and copy-licences for books to your customers legally and quickly. Not just books, but also magazines, manuals, comics, sheet music and other documents.

Your customers probably already ask you to photocopy books for them, which you can’t really do, because it’s illegal to copy without permission. Paperight gives you a legal way to print and copy books. We’ve already got the publisher’s permission on your behalf.

Our site is so fast and easy to use that it saves you time and money, and is more cost-effective for your customers.

Once you register on the Paperight website (which is free and quick to do), you can choose from a whole library of books to print, and copy, as your customers ask for them.

Some books are free for you to print out. For others, the publisher charges a small rights fee for each license you purchase. When Paperight charges you a rights fee, you just add that to your customer’s normal printing and binding charge.

In order to pay these rights fees, you need to top up your Paperight account with credits – the same as a pre-paid cellphone.

When you’re registered, we’ll also help you market the service to your customers by sending you posters you can print out and display, and ideas for getting more customers into your store.

If you ever have questions, contact us.

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