How can I use Paperight to start and sustain a business?

All you need to start a business with Paperight is a printer and an internet connection. Once you’ve registered as a Paperight Outlet, you can start printing out books from Paperight’s online collection, or making legal copies of books of the books on our website for your customers. Because most of the revenue that a photocopy shop makes comes from printing, the more pages you print, the more money you make. Becoming a Paperight Outlet allows you to offer your clients an additional service, which results in an increased print volume for your business – and that means more money.

If you already operate as a photocopy shop, becoming a Paperight Outlet will give existing customers another reason to come to your shop – you’ve become one of the bookstores of the future. This also means that you have the potential to attract new customers – people who are looking to buy books, rather than just to have printing done. The total price the customer pays for a book could be as much as 30% less than the price of the same book bought at a traditional bookstore. This is a great incentive for customers to visit your copyshop instead of a traditional bookstore.

In order to sustain a business using Paperight, potential customers need to know that you offer this service. We’ve tried to make this easy for you to do by providing you with designs for posters, flyers, and information about the books that are available (you can see these here). Its up to you to utilise these in the best way possible. Think about the area in which your shop is situated, and the people in your community – what kind of books do they want to read? You can choose posters that highlight the books you think will appeal to them, and download and print them out to display in your shop. We also have a catalogue of all of the books on the system that you can download, print out, and display for customers to browse.

You could also connect with schools or societies in your area that require large volumes of books, in order to become their main supplier. If we don’t already have the books they need, let us know, and we will do our best to make it available.

If you are thinking of adding the Paperight service to your existing services, here are some useful numbers to keep in mind: Paperight: The Copyshop Numbers (60KB PDF).

5 thoughts on “How can I use Paperight to start and sustain a business?

  1. I am an entrepreneur in Zimbabwe ,based in Bulawayo and read Mr Arthur Attwell’s profile in the Succeed January magazine. I am interested in Paperright concept which i have no doubt will be a success considering the high cost of books both for tertiary and secondary education in Zimbabwe.Education is a big business here and am convinced Paperight concept will be a success. Kindly look into this and advice whether there is a business opportunity. Await hering from you.

    • Hi Badwell,

      Thanks for getting in touch! With regard to business opportunities – helping signing up with Paperight and so on – please get in touch with us via email at We’ll be able to help you much quicker then.

      Best wishes,
      The Paperight team

  2. Hi, Team Paperight.

    I am a process of setting up a learning and entertainment centre that will provide your services as part of my other services such as internet access, stationery sales, and a space for students to do homeworks in…Will this not affect my relationship with you guys. (by the way, I have registered an account with you already.

    Secondly, the primary target for my business is providing access to printing to Unisa, other varsities and other FET institutions. Do you have books of such institutions in your catalogue?

    • Hi Sandile. So sorry, your comment was missed due to a technical glitch. We have a few books for UNISA, but very few at the moment. It’s best to focus any marketing for now on our wide selection of matric study guides and past papers, and the many study guides for College Campus.

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