Paperight international agencies

To grow outside South Africa, Paperight needs a partner agency in each new country.

  • The partner agency promotes the service with local publishers, print shops and institutions.
  • Paperight manages and the content on it.
  • Paperight and the partner agency will split the revenue that comes from licence sales in their territories.

The revenue model

Paperight acts as an agent between rightsholders and licensees. A rightsholder allows Paperight to sell a very specific licence on their behalf:

  • a licence to print out and sell a copy of a work
  • a licence to make a legal photocopy of an existing work.

Licensees use to acquire these licences. They pay a licence fee set by the rightsholder. Paperight earns 20% of the fee as a commission, and pays 80% to the rightsholder.

A Paperight partner agent has the exclusive right to promote Paperight in their territory and earn 50% of Paperight revenue from sales in their territory. That is, the partner agent and Paperight split the commission received equally.

This exclusivity holds for one year at a time.

Shared responsibilities

The partner agent must promote the Paperight service to publishers, print shops and institutions in their territory. This includes providing support on promotional, training and strategic issues.

The Paperight team must provide direct technical support (available in English only) to all registered users from all territories. This includes making every effort to add all publishers’ content to as quickly as possible.

Paperight will pay rightsholders directly wherever possible. If financial regulations make that impossible or very expensive, payments may be made through the partner agency.

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