What do Paperight print-outs look like?

Paperight print-outs are made available to registered outlets as watermarked A4 or A5 PDFs. They are printed out and bound in booklet format.
Along the bottom of every page (watermark) we include:

  • the publisher’s name
  • the printing outlet’s name
  • the customer’s name (and phone number if provided)
  • the date
  • a unique short URL pointing to added value online
  • a short licence statement (e.g. ‘Make copies only with a licence from paperight.com’).

It’s up to the outlet and their customer how much of a document to print out, whether to print in colour or not, and how to bind and finish the document. While some outlets are able to offer perfect binding, most outlets offer ring-binding.

4 thoughts on “What do Paperight print-outs look like?

    • Hi Marius. The layout is set by us, because we provide only a simple PDF for printing. Most of our books are provided 2-up on A4, intended to be printed on double-sided A4 and ring-bound on their long edge — much like a university course reader. Some books are 1-up on A4, or have an option to download either 1-up or 2-up on A4.

      In the coming weeks we’re going to add 1-up A5 PDFs for some books, for those copy shops who’re able to impose for proper booklet printing. This will be especially useful for books like novels, where a booklet-printed format offers a much better reading experience.

  1. Hi Arthur, thank you for your feedback.
    I believe it is essential to have the option to print proper booklets, i.e. to have the pages set up as 1-up A4 or A5 which I can then impose myself and provide a proper perfect-bound cover.
    The current 2-up format simply does not look professional enough for us to feel comfortable about letting our clients know about the new service that we can provide.
    Please can you let me know as soon as the 1-up layouts are available so that I can start marketing this service.

    • Thanks, Marius. That feedback is really valuable, much appreciated. We’re currently testing our A5 feature for booklet printing, and will definitely let you know the minute it’s ready and on paperight.com.

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