Why are you charging for books that are in the public domain?

Some books, like Moby Dick for example, are in the public domain and can be downloaded for free on gutenberg.org. You will notice, however, that if you go to a book shop to buy Moby Dick you’ll still have to pay for the book, despite the fact that it is in the public domain. This is because of the other costs involved in producing that book (these include design, typesetting, printing, shipping, and warehousing costs). The Paperight Edition of Moby Dick (which you can find here: http://paperight.com/product/23) uses the public domain text of Moby Dick, but we add value to the book by doing our own design work and typesetting. Thus, while the words themselves are in the public domain, the format of the book was created by us, and thus can be sold on by us. When a book is in the public domain it means that it can

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be freely used by anyone who would like to do so. That means that we can use the story, and sell it on – and so can you! Paperight aims to make books of all kinds available to people in areas where there is still limited connection to the internet, or where they do not have the resources to buy e-readers and iPads on which to read downloaded books. We work through photocopy shops to provide a service where people can buy licenses to print out this material, thus making it more accessible.  

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